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Page history last edited by Debbie McCormick 15 years, 4 months ago
9 Jan '09

New Day and Format

The regular meeting day will now be Monday due to a timetable clash with the Education Roundtable meetings.  We will also be trying a different formats for the meetings to keep them interesting and relevant for a wide group of researchers - see Meeting Schedule and Transcripts page for more information.

16 Dec '08           

Merger with Social Presence in Virtual Worlds Group

The Virtual Worlds Researchers Discussion Group has merged with the Social Presence in Virtual Worlds Group and will now be alternating locations and format.  We believe there is synergy between the two groups and that this arrangement will cater for a diverse range of research interests.  The Discussion group will continue to host discussions and presentations of research related topics while the Social Presence group will focus on workshop activities relating to social presence. We will continue to send out the notification via the same channels and will publicise at both locations so as to not confuse everyone.  If anyone would like to host an activity or discussion please add your details to the Meeting Schedule page.  Your contribution doesn't need to be elaborate and/or formal - simply hosting a discussion with a few well thought out questions is fine.


As always we welcome your feedback. Have a great festive season and see you all in 2009!


Greg Wadley/Grog Wayderlich

Sabine Reljic/Willow Shenlin

Deb McCormick/Seeker Esparza



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