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CALL FOR PAPERS - Journals and Conferences

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The information provided for the following 'Calls' was gleaned or, in most cases, copied directly from either the conference/journal website or from CFPs sent to mail forums I subscribe to.  In some cases I have edited the text slightly for ease of reading.


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Type of Paper

Research Area

Submission Deadline

Abstract/ Full Paper



More Info

IV Online Congress of Cibersociety.

Group of Work: 3D Environments and Metaverses coordinated by Melanie Hughes (S.L: Tempest Nitely), Ramiro Serrano Garcia (S.L: Ruy Shippe), Jaime Alamo Serrano (S.L: Alpha Lorgsval) and Gloria Gomez-Diago (S.L: GloriagdiagoGalicia) http://www.cibersociedad.net/congres2009/en/gts/metaversos-y-entornos-3d/29

Congress Metaverses and 3D Environments 15 September 2009 Full Paper Online 12-29 November 

IV Congress of Cibersociety. Group of Work: Metaverses and 3D Environments.


Journal of Virtual Worlds Research -Research Methods for Virtual Worlds Journal   15 sep '09 Abstract NA NA website
Journal of Virtual Worlds Research -Virtual Worlds for Kids Journal   20 Oct '09 Abstract NA NA website
Presence 2009 Conference   1 Jul '09 Paper California, USA 11-13 Nov '09



OZCHI Conference   12 Jun '09 Paper Melbourne, Australia 23-27 Nov Wiki
Information Retrieval Conference   15 Jun '09 Paper Hawaii 5-8 Jan 2010 Wiki
Social Networking and Community Conference   15 Jun '09 Paper Hawaii 5-8 Jan 2010 Wiki
Cross Cultural Research Conference Conference   15 Jun '09 Paper Mexico 13-16 Dec Wiki
LICE 2009 Conference   30 Jun '09 Abstract London 9-12 Nov Wiki
Educational Research Journal   14 Jul '09 Paper NA 2010



Symbolic Interaction Journal   1 Aug '09 Paper NA NA



Academic Exchange Quarterly Journal   Aug '09 Paper NA NA Wiki
Religion and Spirituality in Cyberspace Journal   Feb 2010 NA NA NA Wiki




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