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Meeting Schedule and Transcripts

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Please note that most presenters use voice. Transcripts here are contents of text channel only.


Speaker Location SLTime 
Topic Format Abstract / Handouts
15 May 09 Willow Shenlin Center for Social Presence (Meadowbrook 72_202_22) 10:00SLT Personalize your own A/O workshop

Please visit the Boxed Heroes Main Shop at Plush Epsilon 86,22,22 and get the free male and female animations (cater-corner with the entrance). We will use these animations to personalize your A/O. ComicCon/Met@morph participants welcome.

I will also provide teacher gestures for educators interested in personalizing their A/O with favorite presentation/teaching behaviors.

11 May 09


Willow Shenlin (RL: Sabine Reljic, San Diego State University-University of San Diego) Center for Social Presence (Meadowbrook 72_202_22) 1400SLT Personalize your own A/O workshop -Please, answer the 2-question survey to decide on a new day/time: http://tinyurl.com/ot6f8e)

4 May 09


VWRD group (slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)       VWRD group is reorganizing its schedule and its format. 
27 Apr 09 Willow Shenlin (RL: Sabine Reljic, San Diego State University-University of San Diego) Center for Social Presence (Meadowbrook 72_202_22) 1400SLT Revision: create an animation from inventory gestures workshop This session reviewed some basic commands related to gestures in your inventory (create, find, rename, library, etc.), your UI (gestures drop down menu, Edit menu), and went through the commands in the gestures edit window (description, shortcut key, trigger, add/moveup/movedown/remove, etc)
20 Apr 09 Sharon Collingwood, Ohio State University Monash University  67/133/23

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)
  When Second Life Hands You Lemons   Those of us teaching regular classes in Second Life have had the experience  of having a planned activity derailed by a rolling restart, voice problems or lag issues.  In this seminar we'll talk about how an open attitude to these inconveniences can result in a creative learning experience, for both teacher and student.
13 Apr 09 Fim Fischer (RL: Marcus A. Link) Center for Social Presence (Meadowbrook 72_202_22) 1400SLT MI Quiz System (2) hands-on workshop Let's start to create a test/quiz together
06 Apr 09 Fim Fischer (RL: Marcus A. Link) Center for Social Presence (Meadowbrook 72_202_22) 1400SLT MI Quiz System (1) hands-on workshop Fim will show us the system and how to create the quiz textures.
The system is picture and text-based. Future development will include audio capabilities. This tool is interesting across all disciplines especially for when root learning by professional resume writers is necessary, and for quick assessment.
Fim will distribute the Quiz Folder at the workshop.
30 Mar 09 Vimani Perera, Massey University

Monash University  67/133/23

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a

1400SLT Educators  acceptance to conduct classes in virtual worlds   The main purpose of the thesis is to identify the success factors that influence the educators to use a multi user virtual environment. The research questions are as follows. How do the known determinants of Technology Acceptance (according to existing TAM related research) influence the intention of educators to use MUVE to conduct virtual classes?
23 Mar 09 Geoffrey Edwards

Monash University  67/133/23

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/deuh73)

1400SLT Is there life after Second
Life ? Pouring New Wine into Old Bottles
  The world of Second Life provides the possibility of experiencing personal and social identity in new forms. How do these new forms of experience of the self in relation to the environment in turn impact on so-called "real life"? Drawing on Gibson's theory of affordances, Deleuze's philosophy of "knowing what a body can do" rather than knowing a body through what it is, and through engagements with re-engineering our physical interactions with the environment, I propose to explore some of the impacts that new forms of identity such as found in virtual worlds offer for real world  interactions. I also plan to discuss some of the limitations involved in "crossing worlds"
16 Mar 09 Jeremy Kemp

SJSU SLIS 128/128/0

(slurl: http://tinyurl.com/ajubaz

1400SLT How to Start Right: Lessons from a Second Life orientation for 1100 graduate students Doctoral research

San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science is the largest of its kind in the world. Students starting the program in Fall 08 and Spring 09 completed a mandatory orientation including a section near essay company on Second Life. Most of them were able to create an avatar and visit the school's island. Others completed a reading and quiz option. Kemp is surveying this large population and basing his dissertation on their feedback. This interactive session will ask the audience for feedback and ideas.

Background on Jeremy's presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/jeremykemp/kemp-jossey-presentation

9 Mar '09 Jeremy Kemp

Sloodle 129/128/22

1400SLT Sloodle: Past, Present and Future Seminar/Research Showcase The first public presentation of tools combining the Moodle learning management system and Second Life happened in October, 2006. Nearly three years later, the tools are reaching maturity and are showing strong potential to extend distance learning classrooms into 3D streaming settings. This presentation describes the origin of the project, how it has grown with grant funding, the new release coming soon and possible future directions. This interactive session will ask the audience for feedback and ideas.

(Read here about the SLoodle HUD)

Archives: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sreljic/sets/72157615596089920/

2 Mar '09 Josmas Flores

Insula Docta TCD

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/ddnypn)

1400SLT Using the Sloodle Tools Activity/ Workshop the sloodle project connects Second Life and the virtual learning environment moodle.
23 Feb 09 Dennis Beck, Department of Educational Technology, Boise State University

Monash University  67/133/23

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/deuh73)

1300SLT (note one hour earlier than usual)

Influence of student gender and ethnicity on teachers' expectations of student success Seminar/ Research Showcase slides.ppt The gender and ethnicity of students have been shown to specifically
affect teacher expectations of students in real-life classrooms. As part
of a Multi User Virtual environment (MUVE), people socially interact via
avatars which have the capability to be customized to minute details of
ethnicity and gender. Currently, teachers in MUVEs instruct students
with little to no knowledge of their own potential biases and prejudices
toward students of different genders and ethnicities. Our purpose was to
examine the impact of the gender and ethnicity of student avatars on
teachers’ expectations and perceptions. Our study surveyed 453 teachers
in Second Life, a popular MUVE. Teachers were asked to review a
transcript, image and video of student avatar in Second Life and then
respond to a questionnaire about the student’s intellectual and
relational abilities. Teachers also responded to a demographic
questionnaire. Results indicate that choice of avatar gender and
ethnicity does influence teachers’ expectations and perceptions in a
MUVE. Results may aid teachers in MUVEs to discover potential biases and
prejudices toward some student avatars, as well as level the playing
field for student avatars of all ranges of gender and ethnicity.
16 Feb '09 Willow Shenlin Meet at Meadowbrook 70_207_22 1400 Do you have a Blog HUD?  What is a BlogHUD? Activity/ Workshop The 'blogHUD' is a tool that enables you to blog from Second Life and crosspost your text posts or image postcards to your own blog or photo-sharing account. Come to an interactive demonstration of this tool at the Centre for Social Presence at Meadowbrook  
9 Feb '09 Wainbrave Bernal

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a

1300SLT SaLamander Research Issue Discussion Wainbrave Bernal will discuss the research behind the SaLamander Project, the process and progress of the SaLamander Wiki, and the ongoing effort to build an Academic Commons linked to MERLOT
2 Feb '09 Willow Shenlin Meet at Meadowbrook 70_207_22 1400SLT SaLamander HUD Activity/ Workshop

This session will introduce the SaLamander HUD, the inworld tool that Wainbrave Bernal developed under the SaLamander Project (see Feb 9, 09 Topic). This session will focus on the practical use of the tool to help educators collect and manage educational inworld resources. The HUD is free and can be retrieved from the SaLamander Vendor on the 2nd floor of the Center for Social Presence building.

Session Chat Log

26 Jan '09 Zotarah Shepherd

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a

1400SLT research discussion and tour of MI build Research Issue Discussion  
19 Jan '09 Zotarah Shepherd Meet at Meadowbrook 72_52_22 1400SLT Tour of the Multiple Intelligence sim. Activity/ Workshop We are meeting at Meadowbrook first. In case some of you are delayed, the Multiple Intelligences Build is at Koru 43_219_22
12 Jan '09 Ming-Hui 'Don' Wen, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan .. http://www.donwen.info/

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a

1400 SLT A study of Avatar Personalization System in Three Virtual Worlds Seminar/ Research Showcase

In virtual worlds, users project themselves into the environment via a virtual body (avatar) which they control and whose appearance is often customizable. However, considering the prevalence of this form of embodiment, there is a surprising lack of data about how and why users customize their avatar, as well as how easy and satisfying the existing avatar creation tools are. In this paper, we report on a study investigating these issues through a questionnaire administered to more than a hundred users of three virtual worlds offering widely different avatar creation and customization systems (Maple Story, World of Warcraft, and Second Life). We illustrate the often-surprising choices users make when creating their digital representation and discuss the impact of our findings for the design of future avatar creation systems.

Archives: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sreljic/sets/72157615500744399/

5 Jan 09 (holiday break)          
30 Dec '08 (holiday break)
23 Dec '08 (holiday break)
16 Dec '08

Sabine Lawless-Reljic,

Ed.D. candidate, San Diego State University-University of San Diego

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a
1400 SLT My research is on the effects of instructor immediacy in 3D teaching. I will focus here on a checklist of 'recommended' social presence & immediacy items to address before the 3D teaching event and other items to perform during the 3D teaching event.  


Post discussion resources

9 Dec '08

Donna L. Russell, Ph.D.

University of Missouri

Monash University  50/132/72 (slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)

Tuesday 9 Dec at 1400 (SLT)

Check local time here - http://tinyurl.com/ytgcp

  My research – current and potential- on identity formation and its relationship to learning- specifically advanced problem-based learning processes.    

Thurs 4 Dec (note: not Tuesday!)


Leonel Morgado,

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a
1400 SLT

SL as platform for applications




25 Nov '08                        


Scott Grant

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)


1400 SLT

Using a virtual environment to create a mediated ‘rich intake environment’ for language and culture students that encourages ‘output’ and provides mechanisms for improving the accuracy of that output. 

18 Nov '08 Andrew Mallon and Dennis Beck

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)                        

1300 SLT (note one hour earlier than usual) Andy Mallon, Executive Director of the Social Research Foundation, who conduct research for clients such as F500, academics and Linden Labs.    abstract-AndyMallon.doc 
11 Nov '08 Marco Amati/Olf Ort

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)

2pm The affordances of learning planning in SL    
4 Nov 2008 Greg Wadley/Grog Waydelich

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)

  my two SL projects: voice communication and collaborative building   Transcript
28 Oct '08 Carina Girvan/Sleepy Littlething

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)

  Overview of research project methodology   Transcript
21 Oct '08 Deb McCormick/Seeker Esparza

Monash University  50/132/72

(slurl http://tinyurl.com/5ocz8a)

  Workshop with tools that could be used in research activities and data collection   Handout
14 Oct '08 Greg Wadley/Grog Waydelich Boracay   what to do in these discussion meetings.   Transcript


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