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Virtual Worlds Research Projects

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Research Topic Discipline Researcher Name (RL) Researcher Name (SL) Institution Description Estimated Completion More Info
 Second LifeĀ®: An Innovative Strategy for Teaching Inclusivity to Nursing Students Nursing Jone Tiffany Zelda Fromund

Bethel University,

St. Paul, MN.

Research/Systems Change Project  


Using Collaborative Virtual Environments in Preparedness and Emergency Response Planning Health; Public Health Colleen Monahan and Kevin Harvey Sweeny Todd and Qwerty Hansen University of Illinois at Chicago Research  

Does the use of a Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) in public health preparedness planning:

-improve collaboration amongst participants, 
-increase awareness of the need to plan for vulnerable populations,
-encourage future use of the tool (CVE), or
increase the effectiveness of the planning 


Virtual Worlds as Innovative Working Environments Organizational / Social Psycholog Marko Hakonen Vinco Finkel Aalto University / BIT Research Centre Academic Research  

Research questions:

1) What kind of innovative conditions 3D virtual worlds might provide for geographically distributed teams in global organizations?
2) How 3D virtual worlds can be used to create conditions for novel and innovative forms of collaboration?

Innovative Business and
collaboration in Virtual
Environments (VINCO)
Organizational / Social Psychology and Business Studies Anu Sivunen

Vinco Augenblick


Helsinki University of Technology / MIDE research program Academic Research http://www.vmwork.net/vinco/
Knowledge Intensive Value Creation in Virtual Worlds
Knowledge Management Teemu Surakka Decode Masala Helsinki University of Technology PhD Research  

The aim of this study is to identify different value creation mechanisms that knowledge intensive businesses use in Second Life. Volunteer students (groups) from collaborating business courses are used to collect data. These essay writers participate in a business exercise, where they are given a small venture capital to execute a business plan of their own. Their interaction with different knowledge / product / service providers are analyzed to identify the different value creation mechanisms in Second Life.

Email: teemu.surakka@tkk.fi

Virtual Business Exercise Home Page

Exploring the relationship between knowledge sharing behaviour and network structure within online groups in Second Life Education 

Wan-Ying Tay


Jozen Ocello  University of Oxford  DPhil dissertation   

Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Eynon and Dr Ralph Schroeder

Email: wan-ying.tay@education.ox.ac.uk 


The Effects of Instructor Immediacy in Second Life Educational Technology Sabine Reljic (sabine@reljic.com) Willow Shenlin San Diego State University-University of San Diego (joint doc program) EdD dissertation   The interest of this study is to investigate avatar-mediated communication between instructor and students. Specifically, I analyze the avatar-mediated instructor immediacy (number and frequency of behaviors) and social presence, the students' perception of the avatar-instructor's immediacy and social presence, and the influence of essays-mediated instructor immediacy on students perceived co-presence and perceived learning.
Collaboration and Learning Patterns in Virtual Worlds Communication & Interaction Design, Experience Design Andreas Schmeil AndRez Spires University of Lugano (USI), Switzerland / SFU Vancouver / PARC, Palo Alto PhD Research  

Visual Practices, Collaboration Patterns, Avatar-Based Collaboration Framework


Factors leading to the emergence of groups/ communities Human and Organizational Studies  Leo Holly  Leo Otawara  The George Washington University  Doctoral dissertation   



VW as incoming set for cultural management: arts & culture applications in SL

Cultural Management  Marco Chavez  Brent Renard  University of Barcelona  Academic and Applied Research  

Current project of Cultural Tourism Promotion in SL:


More info: http://www.operajoven.com


Real-life implications of fantasy crime in Second Life Criminology Dimitris Akrivos Talos Jigsaw City University PhD Research   E-mail: dimitrios.akrivos.1@city.ac.uk
Using Second Life for teacher training in cooperative teaching and learning techniques Education Vasilis Vasileiou vasilis Magic University of Piraeus Master's Thesis   billbas@sch.gr
Using Second Life to teach communication and task skills with adult psychiatric patients  Occupational Therapy and Behavioral Health  Fran Babiss DrFran Babcock  South Oaks Hospital/Stony Brook Universtity  Academic research     
Using Second Life for design, teaching and research in architecture
Architecture Layla Riahi Jouda Parx


Laboratoire INSARTIS

Ph.D. Dissertation     
Second Life Demographics and Quality of Life Communication Mark W. Bell Typewriter Tackleberry Indiana University Academic Research   Survey using the in-world research tool I developed. 
Second Life support to professional networking Education Jason Zagami Zolt Wind Griffith University Academic Research    
Second Life effectiveness as an online tutorial environment Education Jason Zagami Zolt Wind Griffith University Academic Research    
Second Life support to preservice K12 Arts Education Education Jason Zagami Zolt Wind Griffith University Academic Research    
Second Life support to preservice K12 Technology Education Education Jason Zagami Zolt Wind Griffith University Academic Research    
Mental Health and Diagnosis (Psychopathology) Training in a 3D virtual environment  Education  Victoria L. Walker  Zeana Tammas  Regent University/Northern Illinois University  Ph.D. Dissertation     

Using Second Life in counselor skill development

Education  Victoria L. Walker  Zeana Tammas  Regent University  Academic Research     
Can the use of Virtual Worlds in a role play context help facilitate and synthesize students' transition from theory to practice.  Science and Technology  Angela Addison  Persephone Aszkenaze  University of Teesside  PhD Research    The research seeks to examine the use of virtual role play using Second Life as an environment with specific emphasis on the development of students seeking to enter regulatory professions. 
UQ Religion Bazaar - roleplaying religion in Second Life  Studies in Religion  Helen Farley  Rupert Uriza  Uni of Queensland  Research Fellow     
Comparison of communication modality (voice and text) on presence and learning  HCI/Technical Communication  Stephany Filimon  Stephany Linden  Illinois Institute of Technology  Ph.D. Research     
Collaborative building in SL HCI Greg Wadley Grog Waydelich Uni of Melbourne Ph.D. Research    supervised by Nic Ducheneaut at PARC
Comparison of voice and text communication in SL HCI Greg Wadley Grog Waydelich Uni of Melbourne Ph.D. Research    qualitative approach
Examination of Engagement and Achievement/Performance in SL  Education  Karen Cooper  Memoree Lane  University of Central Florida  PhD Research   

Dissertation title:   Go With the Flow:  Examining the Effects of Engagement using Flow Theory and its Relationship to Achievement in the 3-Dimensional Virtual Learning Environment of Second Life. 

Sensory learning in virtual worlds.   Education  Annie Jeffery  MissAnnie Ducatillon  Loughborough University  PhD Research     
Virtual Concerts in the Park: Music Island/Sea Turtle Island  Music  Linda Rogers  Kate Miranda 

RL: Toronto 


SL: Cedar Island

Opening Learning




& self-guided open-learning 


Communication, Collaboration, & Instruction in Virtual Worlds Communication Lesley Withers Lesley Blackburn Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan Academic Research    
Virtual Worlds for Delivery and Integration of Information Systems Education Information Systems Scott Overmyer ScottyPaul Zhaoying Baker College, Flint, Michigan Academic and Applied Research https://crux.baker.edu/~soverm01/FCVW_Presentation.ppt
Using VWs in hospitality, travel & tourism management Tourism studies Paul Penfold Paul Allandale HK Polytechnic University Academic Research    
Identification of appropriate pedagogies for use in VWs Education Carina Girvan Sleepy Littlething Trinity College, Dublin PhD research    
Drama tecaher as games master: developing digital games bsed process drama. Education/Performance Studies Kim Flintoff Kim Pasternak QUT, Brisbane PhD research project    
Psychological needs and virtual worlds Psychology/HCI Timo Partala  
Tampere Univ. of Technology Academic research    

Exploring the concept of emotional connection to an avatar

Behavioural Studies Debbie McCormick Seeker Esparza Monash University, Melbourne Ph.D. Dissertation   What does it mean to be 'emotionally connected' to an avatar?

Virtual learning environments in Second Life (Sloodle)

Education Kerri McCusker Kerri Macchi

University of Ulster

Academic research  

Come visit Engineering Education Island


Research into online healthcare support groups. Medical Informatics John Norris Knoh Oh Independant Professional Development john-norris.net
Utilizing online reference and archives to teach. Education jake   Chicago College Undergrad Highbeam Research, Encyclopedia.com
Effects of Educational Virtual Architecture Architecture, Education Noha Saleeb Noha Turbo Middlesex University, UK Ph.D. Dissertation    
Current Teaching Practice and Pedagogical Conceptions in the Virtual World Second Life Education Jane Wilde Esme Qunhua University at Albany, NY, USA PhD research http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=A05z4xV9rhVQd9f7x2ZRqQ_3d_3d

An Interactive Exhibit on Healthy Aging within the Virtual Environment of
Second Life


Susan Toth-Cohen

Zsuzsa Tomsen

Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Professions, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

Academic Research


Purpose - to develop a comprehensive interactive exhibit on healthy aging
within a 3-D virtual environment, Second LifeĀ® and evaluate its feasibility for potential use as a preventive health program for adults > 50.


Utilizing Games to better help students learn. Education Ashley   Siena College Undergrad  



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